We are a manufacturer of forged work rolls, backup rolls for CRM etc and other mill rolls such as Leveller rolls, Levelling rolls, pinch rolls, table rolls etc. We are manufacturing the work rolls and back rolls duly

induction hardened to achieve maximum case depth of 30-40 mm approx on roll induction hardening machine duly designed state of art with latest features. We are manufacturing these rolls upto 800 mm diameter and 5500 mm of length.
We are also manufacturing other mill rolls upto diameter rolls upto 500 mm diameter duly Induction Hardened upto the maximum case depth of 7-9 mm on the surface, for different application some of the rolls are duly toughened to different required hardness in the core.
We symbolize the best in plant philosophies, pioneering spirits and innovative approach. We have highly motivated and professional team and team leaders, excellent infrastructure facilities and sales service network.
Our product list consist of forged Work rolls, Backup rolls, Intermediate rolls, cluster mill rolls, leveller rolls, scale breaker rolls, tension leveller rolls, working rolls, Vertical rolls, bending rolls, levelling rolls, Sendzimer rolls, flattening rolls, flatten rolls, pinch rolls, feed rolls, coil entry support rolls, Table rolls for CRM, HRM, HRCF, Silicon Mills, Tandem Mills, Plate mlls etc.

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