Entering new markets brings the significant risk for businesses, not just because adopting a new environment but also ensuring your business is set up quickly

and in a cost-effective way.

IVICL fully understand the managing risk of overseas expansion will have to start with testing the market before committing resources.
This is where we can help you -
- Sourcing - Relying on our experience, dynamic team and hues proprietary database, we help our customer to find established factories and trading houses to buy or sell their products.
- Tie-ups with manufacturers - The emergence of Vietnam as a major south-east Asian country, has brought foreign companies the opportunity to outsource part of their products to Vietnamese manufacturer, thus cutting cost and production hassles, we consult companies both `Vietnamese and foreign on there contracting requirements.
- Marketing service - For companies both Vietnamese and foreign, wishing to find customers for their product range, IVICL presents itself as an ideal partner. From pricing feedback to tapping customers with our experienced field staff. we help companies to cut cost and expand their customer base in an effective manner.
- Product market survey - For our client, we regularly provide market data, price figure, import & export data, historical trends, product potential etc. These data are invaluable for clients, especially while taking a strategic decision.
- Consultancy service - we IVICL provide consultancy service to our clients, in certain specific fields regarding - product feasibility, market outlook, sales and marketing, product positing brand and equity.

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